A Guide to Fragrant Bareroot Roses

A Guide to Fragrant Bareroot Roses

We are asked many a time “what is a bareroot rose?” Simply it is as it sounds a rose which is sent with nothing but the roots, no rootball or container. This has been the most popular way of dispatching roses for many years. One of the main benefits of dispatching as a bareroot plant is that the cost of the pot, soil, and extra weight for delivery is minimised. Our bareroot fragrant roses are able to be dispatched whilst they are in dormant growth from November to March.

Bareroot Standard Roses

We’re able to send out all our roses as bareroot plants and this even includes our large selection of bareroot standard roses, sale of which is unavailable as mail order through the summer months. The cost of delivery to Bareroot Roses UK is £7.95 flat for bush rose orders or £9.50 for delivery when your order contains a standard (a purely standard order or a mix of standards and bushes). Why not take opportunity of our fantastic offers when spending over £100, which offers free delivery when order total is over £100, discounts of 10%  for orders over £200. (Please note: this will only apply if your order value is over £100 on potted OR bareroot roses).

Our Bareroot roses can also be dispatched as a gifts, with gift wrapping and greetings cards available and we pick best to match the rose or occasion where advised.

For guidance on what to do with your bareroot roses on receipt please see our planting and aftercare section, additionally a copy of this is sent with your order so yourself or the gift recipient has all the guidance they need for planting the new rose.

See Our Selection

Our whole collection is available to browse below, purchases can be made from July as preorders for the bareroot season which begins in March are taken. Please pay attention to stock availability as you add to basket, as advice as to whether the item is available is displayed. If you are looking for our potted roses which can be dispatched throughout the year these can also be found and selected here where in stock.