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Tip of the Month

  • May Tip of The Month

    Posted on April 6, 2015 by margaret


    Ordering Roses


    The bare-root season has now ended until November, you can still continue to order and receive container/potted Bush roses by mail order throughout the year, this includes Climbing and English roses but excludes Standard Roses. Alternatively you can order bare-root roses to be supplied by mail order (including Standard Roses) from July for delivery from November to March.




    Customers can continue to collect both potted Bush and Standard Roses from our Holbeach Nursery by prior arrangement, alternatively why not come to one of our many Garden shows we attend (see main page) where we would be happy to bring along your pre-ordered roses.




    EU (European Union) Customers


    Unfortunately due to extremely high delivery charges and possible damage in transit overseas  we are unable to supply container roses by mail order to the EU, you can however continue to order your bare-root roses for supply in November online from July. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.




    Sorry, due to Plant Import Restrictions of other countries, we only dispatch roses to UK Highlands and Islands and EU Countries




    Roses in the Garden (U.K), What needs doing!


    New Roses


    Prepare the ground well for any new potted roses you are planning to plant by ideally digging out the hole ready a few weeks before and adding plenty of well rotted manure or compost into the bottom of the whole and forking in well, you can now plant roses where there were roses planted before by adding some mycorrhizal 'ROOTGROW' into the base of the hole and ensuring that the rose roots come into contact with the friendly fungi, see the 'Rose Related Products' to order and for more information, ROOTGROW  will benefit all newly planted roses. Full planting and aftercare instructions are supplied with all our roses when dispatched.




    Keep newly planted roses watered until well established in the ground or container especially important during prolonged dry weather spells.






    Established Roses

    Pruning should now have been completed and your roses will be in active growth with new leaves and shoots appearing on the stems in good numbers, re-check for any  die back on stems and prune off brown or black stems if evident.




    If not already done in the spring, feed each of your roses now with Empathy After Plant Rose Feed , available from our website, sprinkle a handful around the base of each plant, lightly rake in to soil and water in a few days after if you’ve not had any rain since applying, feeding is very important for roses and will benefit long term healthy growth and increase the number of blooms produced and also improve flower and leaf colour.




    Check Standard Rose Stakes, trellis, Fences and arches for possible winter decay and repair or replace where necessary, tie in any long new growth on Climbing Roses.




    The arrival of  warmer weather will also encourage greenfly and other pest populations to rapidly multiply and whilst black-spot and mildew are not normally seen on early growth, It is recommended, every 2 weeks from mid April, spraying your roses with a combined fungicide and insecticide such as MULTIROSE alternating with a different  product such UNCLE TOM’S ROSE TONIC (See our Rose Sundries Section)    to avoid resistance build up to the chemical in the plant, .Prevention is better than cure, so be disciplined and spray regularly before you see problems!  Do not spray during hot sunny weather as this will also scorch healthy growth, spray before mid-morning or in the evening if hot, leaves should be dry during spraying and for a few hours after. . ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL INSTRUCTIONS, WEAR APPROPRIATE SAFETY CLOTHING AS ADVISED ON THE LABELS AND ALWAYS GIVE CAREFUL CONSIDERATION TO WIND DIRECTION, NEIGHBOURS, PASSING PEOPLE OR ANIMALS WILDLIFE AND POND FISH BEFORE YOU BEGIN SPRAYING.



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