Our Top Ten Tips For Healthy Roses

If your looking for easy and simple advice on how to care for your roses then look no further! Our top ten tips will help you before, during and after you receive and plant your rose. For more comprehensive advice on rose planting and aftercare click here. 

  1. Always make sure the rose’s roots are moist at all times, especially before you plant them.  
  2. Do not re-plant your potted rose from the original pot until it is fully rooted (normally late spring to early summer). 
  3. Always use a loam-based compost when you plant your roses into larger containers, we highly recommend ‘John Innes No.3’ which is available at most garden centres. Never use multi-purpose composts.  
  4. For newly planted roses in garden borders, make sure the soil surrounding the rose remains moist until the plant becomes well established which is normally around 3-4 months after planting. 
  5. Plant standard roses into containers using John Innes No.3 compost, then keep outside and water regularly until the rose is fully rooted into the compost. When rooted, plant into its final position in late spring to summer. To protect potted standards from harsh winter weather, such as freezing temperatures, move the rose to a cool and frost-free area such as a shed, garage or cold greenhouse until the severe conditions pass. 
  6. Always stake and tie standard roses once you have planted them in their final position. 
  7. Remove any dead flowers after they have bloomed, this helps the flowers to repeat. Prune two or three leaves below and where the stem becomes stronger and thicker, will help support the later repeating flowers. 
  8. Check your roses frequently for stem die-back (black or brown stems). If you see any, simply prune back until you reach healthy green wood below and a healthy bud above. 
  9. Always prune your roses each winter while the plant is dormant (excluding climbers and ramblers), cut them back by at least a half to two thirds down in height. It should leave behind the strongest stems and prune just above a bud. 
  10. Feed your roses with a granular rose feed twice a year. For garden border roses this should be in March and mid-July. Container roses should be given an additional third feed in early May.