Mid Border

The garden roses listed in this section have medium growth habit of around 90-120cm, making them perfect for planting in the middle of a garden border amongst other garden plants and giving them clear space when planting to grow at least 90cm wide.

Alternatively they can be grown in a large and heavy container using a John Innes No 3 compost for the planting medium and placing the container in a position that gets at least half a days sunshine and water and feed regularly during active growth.

Expect wonderful displays of Fragrant flowering roses from early summer to late autumn, dead head through summer and autumn for repeat flower, cutting the stems below the old flower buds to just above a leaf 3 or 4 leaves below in the middle of the main plant and where the stems are strong and thick.

Prune hard in winter back down to 30cm to keep a nice rounded shape and promote new basal shoots in the following year.