Name A Rose

At The Fragrant Rose Company we have been offering a name a rose service for many years. With unnamed and exclusive varieties available to dedicate as a gift or memorial for someone special or to mark an important milestone for individuals, businesses and charities.

This service is most often used by our customers for a way to remember a special person gone too soon and with a name named perfectly for them - they grow in gardens and provide happy memories for friends and relatives.

Our Name a Rose service differs from many online services which relabel the same variety hundreds of times for different people. People wishing to take up this service are invited to our nursery to view our unnamed varieties (best viewed in June/July) and pick a rose suited for the occasion. This rose will be exclusively named as chosen by you.The cost of this is reflected in working with our exclusive breeders whose effort in creating new rose varieities takes many years of skill and dedication to create healthy roses with good garden performance. 

The process of bringing an unnamed rose to production takes usually 18 months - 2 years. You can name the rose as you wish, providing it has not been used commercially before. If you choose a name which has good commercial viability we usually will continue to grow the rose for years to come  - meaning you get the pleasure of knowing your rose is being grown and enjoyed through gardens across the country. This process starts from £500, which then depends on the unnamed seedling chosen and how many roses you require (minimum 10), they will be supplied in November to March as bareroot rose plants once grafted and fully grown on in our fields. (These are the roses numbered 003 - 028)

We also offer another process of naming a rose which means some plants can be named and dispatched immediately as potted plants, they may be pruned, may be in leaf or flower, depending on when purchased, (Certificates and plant labels will need making for every variety sold) The rose will be a unique purchase but will not go into general production. The number of plants available will depend on each seedling available, 1 to 10 plants, cost will vary from £200 to £1000 depending on the amount of plants and the variety. (These are the roses listed A - K)

Please get in touch with us via our contact form or by calling the office on 01406 424089 if you would like to find out more information or start the naming process.