Hybrid Tea Roses / Large Flowers

Hybrid Tea Large Flowering garden roses are one of the most popular rose types , produce the classic high centred large spiralled flowers that we all love to see, mainly as large single flowers on tall sturdy stems or in small clusters especially on later season flushes of flower.

Flowering usually commences in June with normal weather patterns and they will repeat bloom until the late autumn months if you remove the old blooms once the flowers start to go brown or the petals start falling off (dead heading), To dead head correctly cut the stems back 3 or 4 leaves below the old flower bud, back into the middle of the main plant where the stems are thick and strong, re-flowering can take 4 - 6 weeks depending on the levels of sunshine and heat.

Hybrid Tea Roses are also the best for cutting to bring into your home in a vase, Our Fragrant Hybrid Tea roses are best planted in the middle of a border or singularly in narrow beds or path edges creating a hedge type effect, they also make a fabulous container plant using a Large heavy pot and a John Innes No 3 compost. Plant Bush Hybrid Tea roses around 90cm (60cm hedge) apart, flowering heights for bushes range from 75cm to 120cm depending on chosen variety,

Standard Fragrant Hybrid Tea Roses require planting a minimum of 90cm apart and are supplied as Half (Flowering Height 1.50m approx) or Full Standards (Flowering Height 1.80m approx) where available and make a superb eye level display of flowers and create a strong focal point to your garden.

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Hybrid Tea

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