Types of Roses

Rambling Roses

Our carefully chosen Fragrant Rambling Roses are fast growing , pliant / Easy to train types producing huge numbers of smaller blooms all over the growth area of the plants. Ideal for just letting go and clambering over and covering buildings, large walls, high long fences, scrambling up through large trees and hedges and for trailing over pergodas. They are also perfect for Rose arches and obelisks or as independent container plants using a very large pot and obelisk.

There are two types of Rambling roses available to the modern garden, Old Traditional Ramblers which bloom in one great long flush of small blooms from late June or July, flowering for up to 6 weeks, these should be pruned to shape as and when needed straight after flowering as flowers are often produced from the previous years growth.The new modern Repeat Flowering Ramblers flower in huge flushes from late June until autumn and are also great for trellis work, arches, obelisks and pagodas. Rambling Roses require some initial training and tieing in but thereafter can be left to flourish and self maintain themselves, control growth by hacking back as required! Plant Our Fragrant Rambling roses singularly or around 1.80m apart, flowering heights range from 2.0m to 8.0m depending your chosen variety and pruning regime, if you want control over the height and display of your Rambling roses, select a repeat flowering variety from the range below.