Why do I need these Rose Products?

Rootgrow, Tested and endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, will benefit all garden roses at planting time, creating a second root system to your roses, boosting supplies of water and feed to your roses and giving faster plant and root establishment. Particularly beneficial in poor or dry soils or if planting where a rose was before.


Empathy Biofertiliser Rose Feed, Essential for all roses! All garden roses are heavy feeders, needing 2 – 3 applications of rose feed between early spring and mid-summer. Keeping your roses well fed will vastly improve health, growth and flowering, helping greatly also to keep rose diseases at bay.


Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic, Provides a natural foliar feed through spraying as a diluted mixture with water onto the leaves during active growth, gives foliage a healthy gloss finish and helps keep rose diseases at bay, particularly useful for the control of Powdery Mildew. Safe Bee friendly product. Use regularly


Sulphur Rose, natural bee friendly product, both helps control and eliminate rose diseases, particularly good for rose black spot and powdery mildew control, use regularly from early season and before you see problems for best results. Available as a ready to use spray or powder diluted with water, use regularly.


SB Plant Invigorator, Dilute with water and spray onto leaves during active growth to help control rose diseases in general, greenfly and white fly. Provides a foliar feed to your garden roses giving the leaves a nicely glossed finish, particularly beneficial for control of mildew and pests. Natural non chemical, bee friendly product, use regularly.


Gold Leaf Gloves and Gauntlets, The best you can buy, wear & use in dry conditions and they will last for years, essential for dead heading and winter pruning allowing you to work comfortably and easily without having to worry about being pricked by the thorns.


Felco Secateurs, The best you can buy, Swiss precision made, easily cuts through most rose stems, essential for winter pruning and dead heading blooms through summer and autumn, one pair will last a normal gardeners lifetime. Fully serviceable with all parts available to replace.


Stake & Tie, Absolutely essential for all Standard roses! Providing very strong support to Standard rose stems and flowering heads, pressure treated strong wooden pointed stake and strong rubber tie. Standard stems are very vulnerable to complete snapping if not supported through strong winds, heavy flowering heads and raindrops resting on flowers and leaves which can add considerable weight to the flowering head.


Note: For the healthiest possible roses, We recommend spraying rose foliage regularly every 10-14 days before you see problems from April to late September when foliage is dry and avoiding hot sunny weather conditions, alternating our 3 natural bee friendly/non chemical products 3-5 above, Uncle Tom’s Tonic, Sulphur Rose and SB Plant Invigorator.