Fragrant Garden Roses - A Perfect Gift Idea

Gift Roses

Fragrant Roses make a great gift

Just imagine the joy and surprise of receiving one of our fantastic top quality fragrant garden roses as a gift from someone special.

We are able to supply our customers with fragrant roses by mail order all year round, making them an ideal gift, which should last for many years and reminding the gift recipient of you, someone special or a happy occasion. We have a wide range of garden roses for someone special, roses with christian names and ones suited for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, love and friendship, remembrance, retirement and all other significant life occasions.  Just go to the ‘Roses by Occasion’ section of the site to find the name which suitably fits the event.

We will always choose the best available rose from your selected variety on the day of dispatch and with buds or blooms on when available during summer months.

Our roses are the perfect gifts for everybody

We can also make your gifts even more perfect by adding gift wrap and greeting card to the rose containing your own special gift message – we have a large range of gift wrap colours and gift cards suitable for any occasion you are purchasing for and we can provide either one or both of these gift options for an additional charge of £2.00 or £4.00 per rose requiring the gift card and/or gift wrap options.

We also clearly label each of roses at the base, showing the variety name, picture, short description and also where available, a larger picture swing tag of the rose is added to the top of the plant just before we pack the rose (all our ‘Occasion roses’ will be supplied with a large swing tag picture label when gift wrapped). David Austin varieties also known as English Roses or Shrub Roses will also have a special licence label attached along with a special picture tag provided by David Austin (where available)

Clear and simple After-Care instructions contained in separate printed leaflets for safe keeping are also included with each rose order dispatched, the information provided takes you through what to do next , planting, pruning and general aftercare. Provided these instructions and recommendations are followed, the rose will give many years of pleasure (subject to normal weather conditions and expectations).

You can order either bare-root roses (dispatched November to March) or container/Potted bush roses (including Climbing Roses and Rambling Roses) as gift roses all year round (where available), these can be sent directly to the gift recipient or to your own home as required. The container roses are a more substantial gift and most customers prefer to order and send these roses as gifts as once a container rose is received, there’s no great rush or need to re-plant the rose and it can simply be left outside in a sunny or semi-sunny position,  but must be kept well watered during periods of active growth until the person is ready and the rose is fully rooted to re-plant into it’s final position or larger container. There’s always room for a rose in a container, even if only a small patio rose which is why garden roses make the perfect gift to give to someone special or for a memorial.

You can see our full selection of fragrant roses suitable to give as gifts for a particular occasion by going to the Roses by Occasion section on the homepage, where you can search through our rose varieties which are most suitable for the particular occasion and gift you are buying for, there are 9 different search options for our gift roses as detailed below:

You can place orders for our roses online and choose whether you would like them gift wrapped and add your card message during the ordering process. We can also take orders for fragrant gift roses over the phone, and they can also be collected from our nursery. As some varieties go quickly we recommend calling/emailing in advance if there is a specific variety you are wanting to avoid disappointment, even if it is for a future event as we are more than happy to reserve your roses for you on our nursery in advance and continue caring for them until needed.

If a particular rose you require as a gift is unavailable or sold out when you are placing your order, please give us a call for alternative options or failing this,  we can send a card and message to let the recipient/s know that the roses have been ordered for them as a gift from you and that they can look forward to receiving them as soon as possible in the new season.

If you’re unable to find a suitable variety to suit the gift occasion, take a look at our sister website for further purchase options.