Climbing Roses

Our selection of Climbing roses including David Austin Climbing Roses produce mainly large flowers which are freely produced in large heavy clusters which repeat though summer and autumn creating a large display of stunning colour and fragrance in your garden. These are perfect for formal training along 1.8m + fences, walls, pergolas and large trellis framework. Normally with correct tieing in and training it will take our fragrant climbing roses 2 or 3 years to reach their full and usual height. Train main leader shoots sideways and then upwards to create a well balanced framework of main stems, this will help to keep the flowers lower down in later years. In addition some of our Fragrant Climbing Roses will tolerate semi-shade, please see our selections below for North walls if you have a semi shaded position. Plant Climbing roses around 1.80m apart, flowering heights range from 1.80m to 5.0m depending on the climbing rose selected.

David Austin Climbing Roses are very adaptable and perfect for many situations including arches, obelisks, large containers, fences and walls. They also tolerate semi-shaded positions well, still producing good numbers of bloom all over the growth.

Alternatively you could try a Rambling rose, these grow rapidly and quickly cover an area, producing huge quantities of smaller flowers all over their growth  and unlike nearly all of their older predecessors will in most cases repeat flower from mid-summer to late autumn, their are also a small number of spring flowering rambling roses ( see Rosa Banksiae Lutea, Alba Plena, Normalis). Please click here for Ramblers or visit our Rambling Rose section on the homepage / Shop / By Type.

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